Gala dinner venue announced!

The gala dinner will be organized on Saturday 27th October 2018 from 8 pm to 1 am in restaurant Ziberia (address: Itäinenkatu 9, Tampere Finland). 
The participation fee is 60 EUR, we will publish the menu more closer to the event.

Sign in and pay the participation fee in Omakissa, similarly as you would when entering your cat(s) to the WS2018.

Please note, this requires the personal details to be entered to Omakissa online database. Please find detailed instructions for registration in here:

Should you wish to book a reservation to full table party (full table party = 4 or 8 persons) with your friends, you may do so by entering the participants via Omakissa and sending the participant names to The advance table reservation is valid only after it has been fully paid.

Details about the dinner are also in our website: Information