Less than 50 days to the entry opening!

The entry opening is approaching fast. The front page calculator says it's already less than 50 days to the entry opening!

To ensure easy and efficient entry to World Show 2018, kindly remember to register your details to Omakissa-electronic database. To fully function, you need to register your own details and then also the cat's details.

Detailed instructions for registering as a user (designed especially for our foreign exhibitors) are found here: http://omakissatuki.kissaliitto.fi/en/rekisteroidy-kayttajaksi/

Detailed instructions for registering your cat are found here: http://omakissatuki.kissaliitto.fi/en/rekisteroi-kissa/

And to enter your cats to the World Show 2018, starting in August, you have already done the hard part! Just less than 50 days to go for the entry opening.

We have also made some updates on our website, for example our hotel partner has changed 2 of the hotel names, but this will not have any implications to the ready made reservations. Just, when you arrive to Tampere, please note, that the Cumulus hotels are now under the name of Scandic. The hotel names and access links are updated to our website, sections called "Information: Accommodation" and also on FAQ.