The gala dinner menu has been published

The gala dinner for World Show 2018 will be held on Saturday in restaurant Ziberia (Itäinenkatu 9, Tampere). Tickets for the dinner can be purchased in Omakissa or by emailing to Please write "GALA DINNER" in the subject line. The price of the dinner is 60€ - you will receive payment information by email.

The menu of the gala dinner can be found here.

Important information regarding our partner hotels!

Please note that our partner hotel chain Cumulus has been acquired by Scandic hotels, and all Cumulus hotels are now under the name Scandic. This does not affect your reservations, which are still valid. You can find the updated names and website links under our FAQ and "Information: Accommodation".

Sign up to the Omakissa website

By signing up to the Omakissa website in advance you are able to add the cats taking part in the show to the database. 
This will speed up the process of entering your cats to the show.

See instructions here:…/cat…/ei-jasenen-ohjeet/

Please follow the instructions carefully. Should you have any questions or problems when signing up and entering your cat's information, please don't hesitate to contact