WS2018 Webshop

General information about the web shop. The products include VAT. We reserve the right to change prices and possible postal charges (available only within Finland). Please make sure to check your email spam box, if the order confirmation hasn't arrived within 15 minutes.



The purchase is made via internet connection through: and the shopping cart function. All purchases will be confirmed via email, which will have the total cost of the purchase and list of purchased items. To receive the order confirmation, it is essential to provide a valid email address and contact details requested in the registration form.

Postal delivery of the purchased goods is not available. The products will be delivered based on the order to cat shows organized in Finland, in which the Suomen Kissaliitto representative distributes the products to the subscribers. The last delivery date is at the World Winner Show 2018 in Tampere October 28, 2018. No delivery fee applies for delivery to the exhibition.

The valid shows, where to pick up the purchased goods are:

  • WS2018, Tampere 27.-28.10.2018 (pre-order option available only until 12.10.2018)



The products are paid upon order. Bank transfer can be paid by the following payment method:
For bank transfer to the Finnish Cat Association WW account  IBAN: FI34 1800 3600 2582 59, BIC: NDEAFIHH. Reference should be written as message to the bank transfer, use the confirmation number.



We reserve the right to change our delivery terms. The purchaser shall, before ordering, familiarize with the valid terms and conditions of delivery. Suomen Kissaliitto ry strives to keep the price information and product availability and delivery information up-to-date and accurate, but does not guarantee the accuracy or availability of the goods purchased and is not responsible for them.

Suomen Kissaliitto ry handles all customer information relevant to the delivery of the product in a confidential way and supplies only the information relevant to the delivery to the supplier. All personal data will be removed from the trade register by 15 November 2018.




1. Choose the items with preferred size

2. Add to cart (press "Lisää ostoskoriin") and ensure the quantity of the item

3. Continue shopping by hitting "back" ("Palaa" in the upper right corner of the page)

4. Finalize your purchase by entering the shopping cart (press "Ostoskori" in the upper right corner) and hit once more the bar, which says "Kassalle" (means "to cart checkout")

5. Check the items are correct and as you've chosen. The items are still editable in this window. To cancel, please hit "Keskeytä", to approve and continue, please hit "seuraava". To return to the shop, please hit "Jatka ostoksia" (in the upper right corner of the page)

6. Enter your credentials:

  • first name (etunimi)

  • last name (sukunimi)

  • email address (sähköpostiosoite)

  • telephone number (puhelinnumero)

  • street address (katuosoite)

  • zip code (postinumero)

  • town (postitoimipaikka)

  • country (maa)

7. Check the box: 'I have read and agree the terms & conditions of the delivery' (click the link to review the terms & conditions)

8. Choose delivery to the WS2018 (or to a show in Finland before that. Please note, postal delivery is possible only within Finland)

9. Complete the order by checking box "Tilisiirto" (bank transfer)

10. Check the order confirmation in your email (make sure to check also the spam box!) 

11. Pay according to the cart confirmation summary (bank transfer details: IBAN: FI34 1800 3600 2582 59, BIC: NDEAFIHH. Reference should be written as message to the bank transfer, use the confirmation number)

13. Pick up your items from Kissaliitto stand with your order number

Terms and conditions