• When can I enter my cat to the show?

Entries to the world show are accepted between 1 August and 25 September 2018 through online entry application at www.omakissa.kissaliitto.fi . More information and instructions for entering cat(s) to the show can be found here. The instructions for registering into Omakissa can be found here. Enter your cat(s) via Omakissa online tool.


  • Where can I find the vaccination requirements?

The cats must be vaccinated against feline panleucopenia, feline calici virus and feline herpes virus, revaccination no later than 15 days prior the show, 12.10.2018 the latest. For these at least 2 vaccinations (first + booster) are needed. Vaccination certificate written by a vet must include the following information: vaccination date, name of the vaccine and the validity of the vaccination. For imported cats, rabies vaccination must be carried out at least 21 days before transfer.

Here are the useful links for vaccinations:

For detailed importing instructions please refer to: evira.fi/en/animals/import-and-export/eu-countries

For exhibitors from non-EU countries, please read this article: evira.fi/en/animals/import-and-export/non-eu-countries  


  • Can I enter my cat(s) by email?

Unfortunately, no you may not. The entries are accepted via our online application, which opens on August 1st 2018 and closes on September 25th 2018.


  • How do I pay the entry fee?

Payments are only accepted via bank transfer, once entered your cat(s), you will receive an invoice to your email with bank details for payment. Remember to check the spam box, since the email is generated from website of the entry form.


  • Can I pay at the entrance?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The entry is not valid until the entry application is accepted and the entry fee has been paid.


  • When do I need to pay the entry fee the latest?

The entry fee needs to be paid immediately after entering the cat(s) to the show, but no later than 25th Sep 2018. The entry fee is not refundable, if you have entered your cat, regardless of attending the competition.


  • How much is the entry fee per cat?

To enter your cat to class 1-12 or 14, the entry fee is 60 EUR /cat.


  • My cat will compete in class 5. Am I required to send proof of qualification?

No, you are not. Cats competing in classes 1-6 are qualified.


  • I would like to change the cat I entered for another. Is it possible and when is the last possible date to do so?

Yes, it is possible to change the participating cat to another one. The last day you may do so is September 25. Send an email to ws18.show@kissaliitto.fi for assistance in this matter. 


  • My cat is not yet qualified for the show. What should I do?

You may enter your cat to the show before it is qualified. If your cat reaches the result before the last entry date you don't need to do anything, we will verify the qualification from your national member. If the result is reached after the last entry date, we ask you to send proof of qualification via email to ws18.show@kissaliitto.fi once the qualification requirements are met. Please note, the entry is not valid until the entry application is accepted and the entry fee has been paid. If your cat does not meet the necessary qualification requirements in time, the entry fee will not be refunded.


  • My cat has received the required three EX1 results in class 12, but would compete in class 11 at the World Show. Is my cat qualified?

Yes, your cat is qualified to class 11 or the adult classes if it has had the EX1 results within 13 months prior to the show.


  • May I use my own cage for my cat in the show?

Own show shelters/ soft cages are allowed. Please inform this when you enter your cats.


  • May I bring my own double shelter to the show?

Yes, own show double shelters are allowed. Please note that double shelters are allowed only for two or more cats If you are bringing your own show shelter for your cat, please state this clearly on the registration form. Minimum dimensions for the show shelters are 50x50x50 cm and maximum 68x68x68 cm.


  • What are the measures of the show cage?

Width 65 centimeters, depth 65 centimeters, height 56 centimeters. Please note that double cages will not be provided by the organizing club.


  • How are the cages planned to be placed?

This will be informed later on.


  • Can I have a double cage for my cats?

Unfortunately there are no double cages available at the world show.


  • May I, as the owner, present my cat to the judge?

Yes, you may if you are 15 or older.


  • May I purchase title rosettes for my cat?

Yes, you may. FIFe’s title rosettes may be purchased at the venue, however, the certificate rosettes will not be available at the world show.


  • At what time will the veterinary examination begin on Saturday? Is this obligatory for all cats?

The veterinary examination time is from 8 am till 10 am. The cats will be randomly chosen for the full veterinary check, but all cats entering to the show venue will be checked for valid vaccinations and other necessary documents.


  • Where can I check the show rules?

Find here the show rules of Kissaliitto and FIFe

The FIFe show rules apply to the world show. Please find the show rules in FIFe site. Show rules by Kissaliitto » in Finnish only.


  • At what time does the show end on Sunday?

The show will end at 6 pm the latest.


  • May I promote my cattery in the show catalogue?

Yes. The price for the cattery advertisement is 80 €. Please contact ws18.sponsors@kissaliitto.fi for more information.


  • How can I get to the show venue from Tampere city centre?

TESC is within a 15-minute drive from Tampere railway station, bus station and airport, and is easily accessible by both public transport and by car. Plenty of outdoor parking space is available. Please find more details from local transport site: http://joukkoliikenne.tampere.fi/en/home.html


  • How can I get to Tampere from Helsinki?

Tampere is approx. 170km away from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The bus ride from Helsinki-Vantaa takes about 2 hours. By car, the destination is reached within 1 hour 40 minutes.

Nowadays you can also take the train from the airport to Tampere. More information about the train and bus connections from Helsinki-Vantaa can be found here: https://www.finavia.fi/en/helsinki-airport/to-and-from/train-buses-and-taxis/ travel time to Tampere is approx. 2hours.
Please note that it is not possible to buy a tickets in the train, so make sure to purchase them before boarding to the train.

VR (the local railway operator) has also arranged more pet seats on trains from Helsinki to Tampere during the World Show weekend. To learn more, please read here.


  • Which airlines fly to Tampere?

SAS, AirBaltic and Finnair airlines are flying in to Tampere-Pirkkala airport from Stockholm, Riga and Helsinki.


  • What other options, besides airplane, are there to travel to Finland?

You can also take ferry from Travemünde (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden) or Tallinn (Estonia) to Helsinki or to Turku and make your way to Tampere by bus, train or rental car. Taxis are not recommended for long journeys.

To find out more, please see these common ferry lines:


  • What is the weather like in Finland during the World Show?

In October, the weather varies from raining to snowfall. To view more about the weather in Tampere, please see here »


  • Which hotels have the negotiated special offers for exhibitors?

Scandic Tampere Koskipuisto
Scandic Tampere Hämeenpuisto
Holiday Inn Tampere-Central Station

Please book via online portal: www.scandichotels.com. Use the code ‘WS2018’ for reduced prices. 
The promotional code "WS2018" for Scandic hotels is valid for the period of 25. - 29.10.2018.


The reduced prices are as follows:
Scandic Tampere Koskipuisto and Scandic Tampere Hämeenpuisto:
Single standard 90,00 EUR / night
Double standard 105,00 EUR / night


Holiday Inn Tampere-Central Station:
Single standard 88,00 EUR / night
Double standard 103,00 EUR / night

The prices include continental breakfast, option to the sauna department and free usage of the hotel wifi. Pets are allowed with no additional fee. Please note, there are only limited number of rooms available for the reduced prices.


  • What other hotel options are there in the outskirts of Tampere?

You might like to check Valkeakoski, Nokia, Hämeenlinna and the municipality areas of Tampere (Kangasala, Lempäälä, Nokia, Orivesi, Pirkkala, Vesilahti and Ylöjärvi).

Tampere and its surroundings offer a great variety of accommodation options for visitors. Remember to book early, as hotels fill up quickly. Information on activities and hotels in Tampere is available at visittampere.

Other accommodation options:

It is also possible to rent a cottage for a small group. Find out more here:


  • How and where do I sign up for the gala dinner?

You may sign up for the World Show Gala Dinner via Omakissa, similarly as you would enter your cat to the World Show. If Omakissa sign up is not possible, please send an email to ws18.show@kissaliitto.fi and write "Gala dinner" to the subject line and you'll have the payment details in the returning email. 

The buffet style dinner will be held on Saturday 27th October from 8 pm to 1 am in restaurant Ziberia (address: Itäinenkatu 9, Tampere). The price of the dinner is 60€, including welcome drink and a glass of wine or beer or soft drink.


  • How do I subscribe to latest news?

To find out more and keep updated with the latest news, check our home page and Facebook group (FIFe World Cat Show 2018) to find out more. You may also enter your email to the Subscription to have the news directly to your email.